Yorse – Horse Yoga
Fesian horse yoga reverse warrior

Horses have been my passion since I was a little girl and in the last three years I fell in love with yoga too. As a yoga teacher I have come across many different types of yoga and have seen it combined with some pretty cool stuff and some questionable things eg, beer yoga. If any type of yoga brings you closer to a more traditional practise then it must be a good thing! So I have combined my two passions together to create Yorse – Horse Yoga which is a combination of ground and mounted positions with your horse. It is great for you and your horse and I can teach private or group classes at your yard.

Yoga makes you slow down, although technically you may be moving it allows your mind to become focused on the present. You get out of your head and into your body. Connecting with yourself and your surrondings on a deeper level. Yoga is not only good for your soul and mind it is also good for your body. It strengthens your core, arms and legs. Improves your flexibility and balance. It also helps you to release trapped emotions and energy which you store in your muscles and nervous system. Yoga is a healing practise just like our four legged friends have the ability to help us heal too.

We are all spiritual beings, we are having this experience in human form and these beautiful beings as horses. Horses are the most spiritually in tuned domesticated animal. When the horses see us they see our soul and feel our energy. Everything is energy and has a frequency. When we are in a bad mood or stressed, even if we are smiling and speaking in a nice tone they will feel our energy and see through the facade.

Horses are the most spiritually connected animal out of all of our domesticated pets. Their ability to sense energy is profound. As a prey animal they are instinctual in-tuned to their surroundings at all times. They read our energy continuously and often react to our suppressed emotions and feelings. Like us horses also store stress and trauma in their nervous system and muscles and also just like us will eventually present itself in physical pain eg, lameness. Helping horses to be able to release stress is important just as it is for us.

Yorse will strengthen the bond between you and your horse, allowing you to connect to him or her on a deeper level. It will also help you both release stress, tension and anxieties. You will become increasingly stronger, more balanced physically and mentally. Plus it’s fun!

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