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The Olney Phonebox asked me to answer some questions regarding health and was published in their January edition.

Why is it so important to eat well and exercise?

Exercise and diet are crucial to having balance within our body and mind. Not only does exercise keep us physically fit it releases stagnant energy which is trapped in our body. This stagnant energy comes from stress, trauma, unprocessed emotions and toxins found in our food. If we leave this stagnant energy in our body it manifests as physical or mental illness.

What’s one of the biggest barriers you have come across either with yourself or with clients on their fitness journeys and how have you/they overcome it?

The biggest barrier we all have is our ego, it is our inner critic or our self sabotage that prevents us from living healthy lives. Becoming aware of our habits and observing ourselves is the first step to accomplishing what you want to achieve. Once you understand yourself you can change your patterns. 

Your advice for when the going gets tough?

When things get tough take it as a positive and that it is all part of the process, things normally get harder before you have a break through. You must also make sure when exercising you don’t push your body too far and injure yourself. You shouldn’t be in pain when exercising!   

Is there such a thing as too much exercise?  

Yes 100 percent there is such a thing as too much exercise. Exercise is fantastic but just like any other activity you participate in it is about balance. Exercise can become addictive and if you feel anxious about missing a training session then you should start to become mindful about your training habits.   

What can we do to squeeze more minutes of activity into our busy days?

You can be active at any given opportunity if you choose. Yoga is great for this you can do it whilst waiting in a que, sat in your car, in your bed. Even if you exercise for just 10 minutes a day it will make such a positive impact on your life.   

Can you bust any health/exercise myths?

There are no quick fixes to health and exercise! You can go on fad diets or do super burn out work outs but these will only work temporarily. For you to achieve a healthy life style you need to be consistent and determined. With dedication you will transform your body and life to be everything you have ever wished for. 

Can you share your top three pieces of advice on making long-term, positive steps to being our fittest and healthiest selves? 

1. Take small steps and set achievable goals 2. It is ok to ask for help, we all need other peoples support and encouragement some times. 3.Love yourself unconditionally and see every part of the journey as a lesson. 

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