Frankie is an incredible person to work with. Her uplifting and positive energy instantly made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I have had the pleasure of attending her yoga classes which normally I struggle with however Frankie was attentive and relaxed and made the experience so enjoyable. She was so in tune with me during our reiki and completely focused, making me feel relaxed and the results were amazing. I look forward to our sessions as she is such an amazing person to be around and so connected with the energy around her, making her a wonderful teacher and healer. I look forward to our sessions and can’t rate her highly enough.


I was quite skeptical so I was hesitant, going into it thinking the best thing that will happen is relax and have a nap. What I experienced was completely unexpected, the session brought out alot of emotions. Francesca was completely right about the phyiscal pains I had been experiencing. She also did a tarot reading which again I thought would be a laugh but hit very close to home. I would 100% recommend her if you want an honest experience of Reiki.


I had a session with Frankie today, First I had my cards read, so much rang true, The yoga session was brilliant she really knows her stuff. Then we done some meditation which I have never done before, I can't believe how relaxed it made me feel, She finished of with healing crystals and a massage which was GREAT. I highly recommend her she really knows her stuff, makes you feel comfortable. Thank you Frankie


Frankie is amazing. Made me feel totally relaxed straight away. Highly recommend


Amazing experience when I had my tarot cards read a few weeks ago, Frankie really is a lovely human being, pretty much soul food! I will be visiting her again


Amazing experience when I had my tarot cards read a few weeks ago, Frankie really is a lovely human being, pretty much soul food! I will be visiting her again


I was amazed at how precise my reading was and how well Frankie presented everything. I enjoyed being with her and talking everything through and would highly recommend a reading with her.


Amazing accurate reading using tarot cards would definitely recommend... wonderful experience Karyn - Great Reiki session. Would definitely recommend.


Fabulous Reiki, highly recommended.


Sessions are a unique combination of seven main components. It is the alchemy between all parts which make them so powerful. Depending on what challenges you want to over come and how deep seated the issues are will determine how many sessions you will need. The sessions are client focused and tailored specifically for you.  We work together to create a plan that you can implement into your daily routine.  I am also available between sessions if you have any questions or need any additional support.  3 hours is always recommended for the first session and then we decide what is best for you moving forward. Some people only need one session to overcome their obstacle. 


  • Intuitive & Empathetic Spiritual Coaching (Tarot & Oracle Card Reading)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Asanas (yoga positions)
  • Sound Bath
  • Energy Channelling (Reiki and Divine energy) & kabbalistic healing 
  • Massage (full back of body)
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