1122 offers bespoke retreats at The Old Stone Barn in Warrington located just outside the picturesque market town of Olney. Set in beautiful grounds you can either stay in an apartment or one of the Safari Glamping Tents. With a selection of exquisite restaurants in Olney, mesmerising walks, a swimming pool and hot tub you are spoilt for things to do. All of the therapies which I offer can be brought to you at Old Stone Barn or you have the choice to come to the 1122 studio. Other therapies are also available from Jen at The Zen Den. Jen is an amazing holistic therapist who offers reflexology, facials and much more!

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I feel so grateful to have met Francesca. At what has felt like the most traumatic time of my life she has helped me though it, step by step using various methods of talking therapy intwined with yoga, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. She really does give you everything she has and I'm so grateful to have her by my side for the last year. Highly recommend for the struggling with anxiety and stress.


A fantastic soul experience that have deeply alleviated my unstable emotions and brought me the inner peace I was seeking for. Thanks so much


Frankie is a wonderful therapist and coach, who has really helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She is an excellent, pro-active listener who has really helped me with a number of aspects in my life and since working with her, I feel really empowered again. I also love how adaptable my sessions can be. We've done things from counselling, CBT, hypnosis and more spiritual things. I would recommend Frankie if you are someone who needs a coach and are open to a holistic approach to therapy. I really see myself working with Frankie long term.


Frankie really helped me re think and rationalise m thoughts during a difficult time. I can't thank her enough for being so patient and helpful when I didn't even know what to think or even say. Highly recommended!


Wow so happy with this service you can go to a Beauty massage place and get a massage but this is a whole different experience is exactly what I wanted. I felt relief immediately once I left I felt relaxed and calm it was so nice to go to see someone that actually knew what they were talking about and could give me advice and made me feel comfortable and relaxed and will definitely be back again with Francesca the whole experience the meditation while having a massage made me relax completely and the reiki I had instant relief with my Platter fasciitis on my right foot I have limped for months one session and the relief incredible.


Frankie has a very natural gift in helping others. Highly recommended and a pure soul.


I am really thankful for Frankie's guidance and help, throughout my sessions she me feel validated and help me gain a deeper understanding of myself. I felt completely safe to open up about things I previously had never spoken about. I would highly recommend. Thank you so much x


1122 was instrumental in me sorting my depression / lifestyle / and self-worth out. She went above and beyond helping me to which I am forever grateful . I've got a totally positive look on everyday life and can't think this special person enough. I'd recommend her to anyone.


I can highly recommend 1122 for wellbeing. Frankie has such a wide variety of methods to help with both mental and physical wellbeing. I had pretty much hit rock bottom, working with her has really benefited me in such a positive way.


Frankie is amazing. Made me feel totally relaxed straight away. Highly recommend


Frankie is an incredible person to work with. Her uplifting and positive energy instantly made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I have had the pleasure of attending her yoga classes which normally I struggle with however Frankie was attentive and relaxed and made the experience so enjoyable. She was so in tune with me during our reiki and completely focused, making me feel relaxed and the results were amazing. I look forward to our sessions as she is such an amazing person to be around and so connected with the energy around her, making her a wonderful teacher and healer. I look forward to our sessions and can’t rate her highly enough.


I was quite skeptical so I was hesitant, going into it thinking the best thing that will happen is relax and have a nap. What I experienced was completely unexpected, the session brought out alot of emotions. Francesca was completely right about the phyiscal pains I had been experiencing. She also did a tarot reading which again I thought would be a laugh but hit very close to home. I would 100% recommend her if you want an honest experience of Reiki.


I had a session with Frankie today, First I had my cards read, so much rang true, The yoga session was brilliant she really knows her stuff. Then we done some meditation which I have never done before, I can't believe how relaxed it made me feel, She finished of with healing crystals and a massage which was GREAT. I highly recommend her she really knows her stuff, makes you feel comfortable. Thank you Frankie


Amazing experience when I had my tarot cards read a few weeks ago, Frankie really is a lovely human being, pretty much soul food! I will be visiting her again


I was amazed at how precise my reading was and how well Frankie presented everything. I enjoyed being with her and talking everything through and would highly recommend a reading with her.


Great Reiki session. Would definitely recommend.


Amazing accurate reading using tarot cards would definitely recommend... wonderful experience


Beyond our expectations, we booked 4 massages for a special 50th birthday weekend celebration. Frankie was super accommodating when organising massages. Frankie is so friendly and has such a lovely manner that we all felt at ease and really enjoyed the whole experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!Thank you so much for making our weekend even more special.


Fabulous Reiki, highly recommended.


Ive just come back from having my first reiki session as I’ve been suffering with lower back problems and sciatica. it was really relaxing and has helped with My back problem. I would definitely recommend this kind of treatment to others who suffer the same symptoms as me. The service was outstanding I can’t thank you enough. I will be coming back again!


Frankie really was accommodating, friendly and professional. I lack imagination so don't go in for the mystical aspects of her process and she respected that. She gives a brilliant massage and can't recommend her highly enough.


Marvellous working with Frankie. Our similar life experience made her therapy exceptionally useful.


Really great sessions helped a lot in understanding general life problems in life and good to talk to.


Frankie was great! I got an awesome massage on short notice and in the comfort of my own home


Thank you for the lovely massage. You have such a great energy and I have enjoyed every minute of the massage. Socially because you offered different techniques and made sure you targeted my muscle tension. I love how you brought your essential oil kit and were flexible for me to choose! And made the whole experience interesting with some reiki technique to help me feel more relaxed.


Smart professional and as I have found out recently you get what you pay for not like any other massage, I have ever had left me feeling in another world took me a day or two to get over the whole experience ..... In fact Frankie can I book you for another one in two weeks' time? Awesome.


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