Mind Body People Workshop 25th January 2020 Milton Keynes

If you suffer from any of the following, want to grow spiritually or would like to be happier and more relaxed book your free ticket now!!

Stress, depression, anxiety, OCD, addictive tendencies, back pain, joint ache, IBS, chrons, sexual dysfunction, cancer, PTSD, headaches, mental illness, muscle tension, PMDD, menopause, tiredness, demotivated, high blood pressure, physical pain, MS, ME.

This one hour workshop will educate you on the affect that stress has on your body and mind. Combining science and spiritualism it is a must for all! It will also give you tools that you can use in your daily life to release you from stress and leave you feeling empowered. When stress is left inside our body it has a detrimental affect on our nervous system and this then manifests in physical and or mental pain. Learn about the Nervous system and our energetic body the Chakra system. How to transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy which is full of love and creativity and so much more.

Mind Body Men uses yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, mudras, energy healing, sound healing, massage, life coaching/spiritual guidance, somatics and science to enhance people’s lives!

For more information please check out www.the1122.com or contact me directly at 1122@mail.com or call Francesca on 07951274770

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