Be Your Own Remedy Workshop 25th April 1500 – 1630 Milton Keynes
Chakra System

Be Your Own Medicine

Hosted by 1122 & Prana Wellness

This 90 minute workshop educates and facilities you in supporting your well-being needs if you want to change your outlook and help manage stress this is for you.

As the gap between science and spirituality decreases, learn how the two combine. Release stress which is trapped in your nervous system and detox from toxins which are held in your muscles, organs and blood cells.

Stress can stem from trauma to the pressure of every day life. When the small things like traffic or social media stress us out we know that there is a build up. This needs to be released before we reach overload and it manifests as physical or mental pain.

Depression, anxiety, addictions, complex ptsd, insecurities, obsessive thoughts, back ache, tiredness, aching joints, muscle tension, digestion issues are to name but a few symptoms which are a result of a dysfunctional nervous system. Scientists have made huge discoveries over the past 20 years and are only now realising what ancient traditional remedies such as Ayurveda the Indian science of life has known for 1000’s.

This interactive workshop will teach techniques you can implement into your daily routine and you will also receive a free video 121 video consultation after you have attended.

If you suffer from any of the following this workshop is for you!

Stress, depression, anxiety, compulsive thoughts, OCD, ADHD, PMT, PMDD, menopause, weight loss/gain, addictions, Complex PTSD, PTSD, trauma, Bi-Polar, IBS, Chrons, digestion problems, aching joints, fatigue, problems sleeping, arthritis, nerve pain, back ache, headaches, migraines, sexual dysfunction, inability to concentrate, grief, anger, eating disorders, heartbreak, low self esteem, grief, physical pain, fibromyalgia, ME, MS.

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